Readiness Assessment for Senior High (RASH)



Readiness Assessment for Senior High (RASH) is an assessment tool given to Grade 10 students to help them explore their aptitude paths, whether academic track, technical-vocational track, sports track, and arts and design track in the Senior High School Program. This aptitude assessment consists of both ability and interest components, consistent with the DepEd’s definition of aptitude and the target students’ mastery of academic concepts in specified contextualized areas: (a) English for Academic and Professional Purposes; (b) Research in Daily Life (inclusive of 1 and 2 and Research Project); (c) Pagsulat sa Filipino sa Piling larangan (akademik, isports, sining, at tech-voc); (d) Empowerment technologies (E-tech): ICT for Professional Tracks; and (e) Entrepreneurship. The RASH adopts Anderson and Krathwohl’s Cognitive Process Dimension for the Grade levels aligned to 21st century skills, and John Holland’s 6 occupational themes in the formulation of its assessment items.